Friday, May 20, 2011

Civil War Letter.

Dear Family, Its 1863 May 5th I'm Helping The Confederate State.

The Civil War Is Going On And On I'm Working In The War I'm A Nurse I Said To The People "While Our Soldiers Stand And Fight, I Can Stand And Feed And Nurse Them.

And I'm Trying To Do Everything That I Can To Help Them Like Make Clothes,Shoes And Spare Food That Any Armies Have.

And The Life During The War Was Very Hard For Soldiers Because When There Guns Didn't Have Anymore Powder They Had To Refill It Even If They Were In War They Couldn't Stop The War Just To Refill The Gun

From Andrea,

                        Love You,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lightning Thief Final Blog.

The Movie And The Book Are Very Different But The Book Was Better Then The Movie. The Book Was Better Because It Had More Action And Awesome Things Like Ares And Percy Fighting.
The Movie Is Very Very VERY Different Because Some Parts That Happen In The Book Never Happened In The Movie.
I Loved Everything About The Book And The Movie It's Very Exciting And Adventuress. In The Whole Movie It Was Awesome The Book The Same. Some Of The Parts Are Very The Same Both In The Movie And The Book.

I Would Change When Ever Percy,Annabeth And Grover Went To Hades And Percy Asking For His Mom And Everything Hades Telling Percy To Give His Helm And The Lightning Bolt. I Would Change Some Of That Part Like Different.
Like Hades Would Say "Percy Jackson Son Of Poseidon You Stole My Helm Now You Will Pay".
And Percy Will Say "Not With Out A Fight Even If Your My Uncle"!!!

And Then They Start Fight And Percy Wins He Gets His Mother And Both Of Items.
That's All :] 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chapter 22 Activity 2

Percy’s choice. Write a paragraph defending or attacking Percy’s choice to leave Camp Half-Blood for the school year. Is it wise? Why or why not?

Um....I Would Attack Percy's Choice To Leave. Its Not Wise Because If He goes Back Then Monsters Will Attack Him When He Goes Somewhere Even If He Knows How To Fight But Still I Would Stay At Camp Just To Be Trained One More Year Or Something Else.

Chapter 22 Plus Activity


 Have you ever betrayed or let down by a friend? Is that person still your friend? If so, how did you make up?

Yes,Yes She Is Still My Friend . Well What Happen Is Is When We Where Doing Something She Went Home Because She Got Mad But Now We Are Very Best Friends.


1.What’s the tradition for campers who return from quests? How did the Ares cabin “honor” Percy?

Luke Says That "When Your Done With The Quest They Say OK Have A Good Life". They Got A Old Bed Sheet And Put Smiley Faces And In The Middle Says LOSER.

2.How does Percy’s mom get enough money to go to college?

She Wrote A Book About And The Title Was The Poker Player.

3.What happens to Grover in this chapter? Speculate: Will he come back in another book?

Grover Got His License To Find Pan. Yes He Will Come Back In A Other Book.

4.What is the bead for Percy’s first summer?

The Bead Color Is Pitch Black With A Sea-Green Trident Shimmering In The Center.

5.Why do you think Percy has so much trouble deciding whether to stay year round or go to seventh grade? What would you choose?

Percy Doesn't Know Because He Wants To Stay In Camp But He Wants To Go See His Mom.I Would Choose Stay Year Round.

6.What is unique about Backbiter, Luke’s new sword?

Its Like Half Bronze And Half Steel Or Medal.

7.Why is it dangerous to litter at Camp Half-Blood?

Its Dangerous Because You Will Find Insects In Your Bed Sheets And Bed.

8.Luke says, “Western Civilization is a disease.” What do you think he means by that?

I Think It Means That There Is The Gods Or Something.

9.What turned Luke so bitter?

Well....I Think That When He Went On Quest.

10.How did Annabeth take Percy’s advice?

By Telling Her Dad She Wants To Go With Him And Write Him A Letter.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chapter 21 Plus Activity

Activity 1 And 2

1. Have you ever had the desire to get back at someone? What did they do to you that made you feel this way? Did you in fact take revenge?

Yes,Well They Made Me Feel This Way Because It Was Like My From My Dad Side And My Aunt Well Its Kind Of Me And My Brothers Revenge But Never Mind. When My Cousins Came Over And  My Aunt Well I Hate HATE When They Come Over And Bother Him And Me Plus They Took Away My Brothers Toy So Me And My Brother Revenge And Put Up His Toys When They Come

2.Journal: Prediction. What do you think will happen when Percy brings the lightning bolt to Zeus? If you were writing the next scene, what would it be like?

I Think That Zeus Will Be Like Happy I Guess. It Will be Like He Goes Up To Olympus And Says Here You Go Uncle I Hope You Will Be OK. Then Zeus Says "Its OK Noting Is Going To Happen".


1.When the Los Angeles reporters interview Percy, how does he get back at Gabe?

Percy Says "I Only Want To See My Loving Stepfather" Then He Said  I Know That We Will Be OK Even If He Called Me A Punk Here Is His Number.

2.Why do Percy, Annabeth and Grover split up when they arrive back in New York?

Percy Told Annabeth And Grover To Go Back To Half-Blood Hill And Tell Chiron About What Happen And He Is Going To Olympus.

3.How does Percy convince the guard at the Empire State Building to let him see Zeus?

Percy Convinced The Guard By Showing Him The Lighting Bolt And He Said "OK But Make Sure Not To Tell Anyone".

4.What are some of the things Percy sees on his way through Olympus?

Marble Stairs,Mansions,Snow,Olive Tree And A City.

5.Why Percy start feeling a little sorry for Hades when he sees Zeus’ palace?

Percy Felt Sorry Because He Was Banished From Olympus Where He Needs To Be But Not.

6.Percy says he is glad, in a strange way, that Poseidon is so distant. Why? Does this make sense to you?

Percy Is Glad Because Maybe Its Not Good To Get Close To Them They Might Get Mad Or Something Like That.

7.How does Zeus reward Percy?

Zeus Said "To Show You My Thanks I Shall Spare Your Life.

8.Who was speaking from the pit? Why do think Zeus doesn’t want to talk about it?

Kronos,Zeus Doesn't Want To Talk About Because He Might Be Sad Or Mad About That.

9.How do you think Poseidon feels about Percy? How can you tell?

Poseidon Feels Sad About Percy I Can Tell Because His Face Is Like Weird.

10.Why doesn’t Percy petrify Gabe when he has the chance? What would you have done?

Percy Doesn't Do It Because Of His Mom She Said Its Not Easy But It Is And Because She Can't Let A God Or Her Son To Take Care Of Her. What I Would Of Done Is Kick Him And Call The Cops And Petrify Gabe. 

1.Percy’s letter to his dad. Imagine Percy has to write a letter to his father, Poseidon, explaining the choice he made not to petrify Gabe. What would he say? How would he explain his choice? Would he want to tell his father anything else? Any wishes or requests?

He Would Say That He Wants To Go Back To Half-Blood Hill,Umm Like I Would Stay For A Little While,No And No.

Chapter 20 Second Activity

Annabeth’s (or Grover’s) Diary. Annabeth and Grover have very different views of the battle with Ares. Annabeth calls it terrifying. Grover thinks it’s cool. Write a diary entry for either Annabeth or Grover, explaining what happened that day on the beach.

On That Day On The Beach It Was Both What Annabeth And Grover Said It Was Cool And Terrifying Because It Was Cool When He Fights Ares And He Is Like Mad And Everything But It Was Terrifying To Because Ares Is The God Of War So He Is Like Very Very Very Good At Fighting And Percy Is OK At But Not Awesome.

What Happen On That Day On The Beach Was When Percy Returned From The Underworld And They Got Out Of There By The Pearls They Were In The Water In Santa Monica They Got Out The Water Soaking Wet Even Percy's Clothes Were Wet And He Let Grover Use His Shoes . Then They Found Ares And Then Percy Told Him About That Ares Stole The Bolt And Everything Then That's How The Fight Started And Of Course Ares Got Mad And Started Swinging His Sword But Percy Won So Then Ares Got Percy's Sword And Stepped On It And Disappeared. Then The Three Furies Came And Said That Percy Didn't Steal It And That's All.